Monday, March 24, 2014

A Rabbi's Warning

Rabbi Kirt Schneider has an important message for both Jews and Gentiles who may be straying from the true faith as they seek redemption within the fringe legalism of the Messianic and Hebrew Roots movements.

"A Warning!", Part One

"A Warning!", Part Two

Our thanks to iTBN and Discovering the Jewish Jesus for providing the embed links for this cautious warning from Rabbi Schneider.

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Email to Heaven
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We once published a political blog, The Conservative Ledger, but having realized the futility of such an endeavor we abandoned that cause to serve the Kingdom of God full-time. You can read our political farewell here. It is commonly asserted that one should not discuss politics and religion in polite company, but we heard something so outrageously scathing and malicious that we had to comment. (Read more here...)

Seek Ye the Truth

This is a difficult topic to discuss because it risks sowing division within the body of Christ. There are six things the LORD hates, and a seventh that is an abomination which is spreading strife among brothers (Pr 6:16-19). (Read more here...)

When we talk about the sins of Abraham one might imagine that we are speaking of the incidents where he told the Egyptians (Ge 12:13) and King Abimelech (Ge 20:2) that Sarah, his wife, was his sister; but the sin we wish discuss is Abraham's far greater transgression of not waiting on the LORD for which the world suffers to this day. (Read more here...)

Drink from the Cup of Christ

It is St. Patrick's Day (and Spring Break) as we write this, and millions of people are celebrating -- as if they needed an excuse -- what has become nothing more than a drinking holiday. We make no apologies for being sober-minded, but the shamrock is an idol and alcohol is an excess. The Bible most definitely condemns drunkenness. (Read more here...)

Times of the Gentiles

This week we wanted to answer a response to our previous post, Have You Replaced Abraham?, regarding the topic of so-called Replacement (or Supersessionist) Theology that the "church" has replaced Israel in God's plan of redemption. (Read more here...)

What would you say if we told you that speaking in tongues was necessary for your eternal salvation? Many of you would be trembling in fear because you have never spoken in tongues. Yet there are members of the Pentecostal church who insist that you are not sealed by the Spirit of God unless you speak in tongues. In other words, speaking in tongues is the outward sign of your redemption and salvation. (Read more here...)

A reader asked: If the prophecy of Matthew 24 was fulfilled in that generation where, then, is our hope for salvation; and how do we interpret the Book of Revelation in light of Old Testament prophecy? (Read more here...)

Michelle grew up believing in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Oh, the joy of finding a shiny quarter under her pillow; a colored egg under a fence post; and the unmatched excitement of opening presents from under the tree. She believed in Jesus, too. Her mother would drop her off for Sunday school, but the family never worshiped together as her parents did not attend church services. (Read more here...)

In all love we must say that the Easter celebration does not reveal the beautiful depth and saving grace of Elohim's plan of salvation fulfilled in the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Bunnies and eggs, representative of pagan fertility rites, were co-opted by the Church which also established the date for Easter at the First Council of Nicea in 325 AD. (Read more here...)

LORD, we ask on this National Day of Prayer that You pour out the Holy Spirit upon this nation and her people. Forty years ago, the Supreme Court of our land legalized the horrific act of abortion. Since then, 53 million babies have been killed. We know from Your word that You love the little children. You knew them and blessed them before they were born as it is written. (Read more here...)

New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson, elected in 2003 as the first openly gay (non-celibate) bishop in the Anglican Church, has retired. Throughout his tenure Robinson used the pulpit to promote the agenda of the homosexual community including same-sex marriage. He praised gay advocates for creating enormous confusion and holy chaos within the church. (Read more here...)

Sex is a gift from God to be shared by a man and woman within the bond of holy matrimony. Any other use is a deviancy or perversion. This, of course, elicited a liberal backlash to our opposition to same-sex unions. Unmarried heterosexuals took issue with our condemnation of premarital sex as fornication. Liberals seem to think that fornication is sex with a prostitute, but not with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or live-in partner. (Read more here...)

The church is not immune to the cultural diseases that plague our nation. Seminary professors cast doubt on bedrock doctrinal issues. They deny the Virgin Birth, debate the resurrection and discredit the Deity of Jesus Christ. Mainstream congregations even reject the inviolate, God-ordained and defined, social and cultural foundation of marriage. (Read more here...)

The Preemie Gospel

Many contemporary pastors feed their flocks a pre-millennial brand of dispensation that is heavily weighted on the Book of Revelation. Rather than compare scripture with scripture they teach the Bible from the headlines of the daily newspaper. (Read more here...)

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